Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Foggy Day...

Photo By Kat Greager

So this is what we get in the middle (?) of Summer? I was amazed when I got up the other day to find there was no horizon. This is a shot from our wharf.... The temperature was about 15 deg...... However it was an Inversion Layer- and not 200m above this was blue sky!!!! and 21deg!!!! There were ships honking their fog horns out at the heads waiting for it to clear before attempting the channel. It was quite spooky seeing the Diamond Princess (a Massive cruise ship) emerge through. In the end the fog burnt off and it was a great day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Photos of the year..... They are Amazing!

A rescue helicopter prepares to hoist aboard surviving Japanese climber Hideaki Nara near the summit of Aoraki Mount Cook in New Zealand on December 5, 2008. A Japanese climber stranded for six days just below the summit had died just hours before rescuers reached him and a compatriot, local media reported. The two Japanese climbers were forced to huddle in a tent 50 meters below the 3,754-meter (12,349 feet) peak, as poor weather and high winds foiled attempts to rescue the men by helicopter. (REUTERS/The Christchurch Press/John Kirk-Anderson) #
Kerby Brown rides a huge wave in an undisclosed location southwest of Western Australia July 6, 2008, in this picture released November 7, 2008 by the Oakley-Surfing Life Big Wave Awards in Sydney. Picture taken July 6. (REUTERS/Andrew Buckley). #

You must go and check out the Photos of the Year- they really are outstanding. And SURPRISE!!!! a KIWI!!! Pity about the occasion the photo, another life taken by Aoraki.
Imagine the weight of that wave when it breaks- I hope the surfer managed to surf it out!