Friday, December 17, 2010

More visual goodness...

FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.

I think Ill start a new blog... with all the awesome footage we are stummbling across.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

National-Park Illustration and Animation

National Park Show Reel from National Park on Vimeo.

Wellington based coolness. Love it guys!

More of their work: Dont be an Egg

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thinksound Headphones

Thinksound Headphones.... Had to share.
If I used earbuds- Id buy these....Wood- how cool!! I know there are lots of you out there that would appreciate these.

They say:
Big sound. Small footprint.

thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. Our headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.

Discovering New Realms in Cyberspace...

Last night I was surfing…. the web. I love to ‘Blog Hop’ in my spare time…. Some might say- Wow Kat, do something better with your time- I say…. No Way! Its so inspiring! “Do try it…. ” (as Mr Dilmah would say) It goes like this: Search google for something you find interesting.. eg mixed media art blog, or Art blogs… whatever, google does a good job of finding something on everything…. The goal is to find a website thats interesting and has some links down the side… thats when the journey begins. click away, and go places.Last night- I somehow (I honestly cant remember how) stumbled upon Zso:

She is the most inspiring illustrator I have ever come accross. I followed some of her links, and found more and more amazing illustrators and designers…. and their links took me to even farther reaches of cyber space!

I feel so energised and inspired when I discover this kind of thing…

I am usually drawn toward photography, and mixed media as this is the area in which I work myself, I also love texture… LOTS of texture….. I guess thats why I like this work- there is a lot of texture within the illustration, markmaking, and different types of line/tone etc Organic lines mixed with geometric.

I could go on, I can tend to start whaffling when I feel a door has been opened… I will spare you all :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aaron McLean- Photographer

As in the previous post- I discovered he was behind the photos in the book. His website doesnt appear to be up and running yet ( but will be soon I guess. The alternative was Match Photographers.... a very nice collection of inspiring imagery. Check it all out:

(There's a plug 'n' a half!)

A Treasury of New Zealand Baking...

I wanted to post about this book because it is beautiful. The photography is inspiring By Aaron McLean), and the recipes are real classics. Nothing too left field, a little quirky, but really just yummy stuff.
So- in researching further I found the subject of my next post- Matchphotographers.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Danny Yount

My latest find is Danny Yount.... I went to see Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, which was entertaining, but average..... Im not going to review the movie, BUT- The end credits was an animation- which was very very cool. I have discovered Danny is responsible. His website-

Thios is his 2009 showreel (I couldnt find an example of the Robin Hood credits):

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Offsquare...... Pick of the week

An homage to Katrina :)
These beautiful Kimono Shoes for wee feet. I am in the process of contemplating Lachlan's first pair of real shoes (my 1 year old).... Thinking now I might just make some. Upcycle as they say. I have some leather scraps around here from some bookbinding, that'd make good sole material... on that note- I wonder whether I could attempt to cure the skin from our resident possum! That'd make a fine upper!!! (to all those animal rights, no fur brigade- its ok- they really are a pest here, aaaaand we 'dispatch' quickly, and give them a nice last meal- happy possum)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Container in the Harbour- Again.....

Rescued by the Hinemoa.
We heard an almighty CRASH.... hmmmm ominous. a few minutes later- a container was sailing very very quickly down the harbour. The Hinemoa was on the case! I have now seen aprox 3 containers in the drink.... 2 of which were knocked off a stack 5 high by a frontloader.... I hate the Port.... its noisy, loud, and they dont give a TOSS about our harbour or the environment.... but thats another whole story.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jaimie...... From New Hampshire

I came across this wonderful work the other day.... I cant seem to find Jaimie's full name? (If you're reading this...?) I wanted to post some of my favs, and to show everyone how awesome your work is Jaimie.
I chose these veg ones as they were the first I came across, and they caught my eye....I am a bit obsessed with my garden at the mo. Growing, hunting, fishing for your own food is one of the most satiosfying things in the world I believe. On so many levels (literally and figurativly).
The intensity of the colours, the geometric/organic shapes, and overlapping textures... yum.
Jaime appears to come from a scientific background. Its actually quite amazing how many artists are.... Science is an incredibly creative area afterall.
I love the one at the bottom- 'Sea'... its so left field.... narrative.

4 carrots + 2 apples - 2 apples = 4 carrots.
Acrylic paint on a 12 x 16 board.

Acrylic on a 9x12 inch board

"Okay, they're back again. The blue woman and her odd pet.
The airplane fell into the sea. Since the oxygen bags didn't fall down and the air pressure was lethal, the other passengers and crew perished. Though saddened by this tragic fact, blue woman (who obviously doesn't rely upon oxygen to survive) took the opportunity enjoy a much needed smoke."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tsunami's in Careys Bay!

So on Saturday night, we were discussing the delicious contents of the earthquake emergency box at my folks' place in Wellington.... like we have anything to worry about down here in Dunedin right? We decided that the only real threat was if there was a big earthquake in Chile.... considering where it is in relation to where we are. Well whadya know- we woke up to find that there had indeed been a tsunami warning issues due to a mega earthquake in Chile. Wierd.
So even though it was low tide at the time, we decided that considering our front door is 3m from where this photo was taken- we should bail (excuse the pun!). The pic above was high tide that night- it was HIGH! So we are glad the 60cm surge didnt come through then!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Some More Movie Credits/Titles....

I am now on a tangent.... Napoleon Dynamite:"

Jamie Caliri... Puppetry style Stop Motion Animation

I have rediscovered a favourite. First off it was Jamie Caliri's work on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events..... The You Tube clip doesnt work anymore, ah stink... Go and buy/rent the movie, its visually stunning.

Then I found some more of his work.

United States of Tara:

And then I found the United Airlines Adverts... I am impressed by the creativity in this.... Jamie Caliri was the director. Details here

I just keep finding more and more cool stuff he has done!
Here are some interviews with him:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pick of the week- Room Shoes and Reversible Dresses!!!

Room Shoes by Machiko Niimi

The story behind this find is a bit elongated..... but here goes- I was at the Thieves Alley Market in Dunedin this weekend.... and came accross the most gorgeous dresses, pants and bibs handmade by Fun Fair A talented dunedin based crafty entrepreneur:

The dresses are reversible too... I want to get one for my new niece who is due in April (YAY!!).... Sorry Lachlan they just arent your style.
I took her business card and have just looked at her website.... Somehow I came accross these Room Shoes, and whatdyaknow- also Dunedin based... so I am that much closer to finally aquiring some for myself.... assuming of course she still makes them, that I can track her down at the Seacliff market, and I have some pennies to part with.

You guys are awesome.... I love discovering local crafters.... I find it inspiring.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One Step Behind.... again.......

Here I go again- One step behind. I think I need to accept it as part of my new life as a mother- I have suffered in the 'on to it' department of my personality. I feel like Im always catching up. I really love writing on this blog, and have half written so many posts then dont publish them.... I must work on that. Once a week surely I can manage that right!

So todays post is dedicated to some on to it and inspiring bloggers (just 3 today though):