Monday, August 25, 2008

Porridge- Love it or Hate it....

A bit of a random post but hey- it happens. I discovered over the weekend that 'Trim Milk' makes a better porriage... of course you want to use whole milk on top.... but Trim makes it taste nuttier, and yummier.... WHY!!!!!!??????? I ussually preach NO TRIM MILK EVER!!!! But I have been amazed. You may ask- "WHy not just use water?" I say- "Cos trim milk tastes better!"
I have been experimenting with porridge for many years now... and I do like to vary. I have even converted haters of porriage to lovers of porriage. Yes I take credit for that :)
Some ways to vary your porriage:

Water base, add sunflowers, coconut, mixed spice, chopped apple on top.
Whole milk based- straight up thats it- slather in brown sugar.
milk, water 50/50
add ground millet, amaranth, left over rice (brown is good too)- super nutty.
Add big chunks of Chocolate- great when tramping or heading up the mountain.

I can't believe I just wrote about porridge

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of all the things to find!!

I was surfing U Tube tonight, and clicked on a vid that caught my eye.... as I was watching I realised it was filmed in the city I came from!!! Wellington!!! of all the videos on U Tube and I randomly clicked that one. Even better- its an awesome vid. these guys have gotta be climbers... its like human trials (see vid below this one, warning, the music is pretty loud)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am in Love!!!!!!! ......with my camera

Here is snap from this avo- between waiting for the battery to charge.... (bad Kat). I couldn't resist... this little guy was going in the pot for stock, and had one last wish- to be immortalised on Little Green Fruit -his dream came true. What more can I say.. Yes I had a play in PS- but only because I can't help myself when Im excited. Delicious in many ways :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My new Hat!!!!!

My friend Rochana knitted me a hat for my birthday- Originally it was closed ended, but when we realised my dreads wouldnt fit, she opened it up! I can't even cope with a dropped stitch, let alone undoing and redoing, picking up some 100 stitches!!! She is a very good knitter. Look at the cool pattern!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Frozen by the sea!!!!

Photo by Kat Greager

This morning was freezing. The wharf was so frosty the iceicles were 1cm tall! thats after one night. To some -5c is tropical in comparison to their fridge climate.... but for me- thats cold. Luckily I like it, well for part of the year, and preferably in minority. Good photo opps though. This pic doesnt encapsulate the freeze, but I liked it so there you go.
Im going to buy a new camera this week. I am very excited, but also nervous- watch this space!!! :)