Friday, April 24, 2009

Downhill- YEAH!!!!!

Funilly enough- Im in this one! Ironically we went with the guy who filmed it (Jason Naran).... but it wasnt posted on UTube by him.. ??? hmmmmm
Im the one in the white T, with a camera at my right side- at the beginning of the clip.
These are the pics I took that day- back in 2005!!!! lol

Photos By Kat Greager

Amazing stuff on a Bike

I am so blown away by this!!! Next up is to find a good example of downhill biking... my personal fav. I am looking forward to riding again.... woeful sigh... I wonder if the wee tacker will like riding!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Otago Peninsula

Photo by Kat Greager

Easter weekend... the weather was finally clear... no wind, no sleet, no hail... and lots of SUN!!!!!!
We hung the washing out and set off for the Peninsula (the complete other side of Dunedin to where we live!)

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We went for a walk to Lovers Leap, and the Chasm.... VERY steep! Such a beautiful rugged coastline. To get to the viewpoint, you walk through some fields, with sheep and tussock, flax, ToiToi (pretty happy lookin sheep!)
And there was a shearing shed too.... recently used, but a pretty old building..

Photo by Kat Greager

Photo by Kat Greager

Photo by Kat Greager