Monday, August 25, 2008

Porridge- Love it or Hate it....

A bit of a random post but hey- it happens. I discovered over the weekend that 'Trim Milk' makes a better porriage... of course you want to use whole milk on top.... but Trim makes it taste nuttier, and yummier.... WHY!!!!!!??????? I ussually preach NO TRIM MILK EVER!!!! But I have been amazed. You may ask- "WHy not just use water?" I say- "Cos trim milk tastes better!"
I have been experimenting with porridge for many years now... and I do like to vary. I have even converted haters of porriage to lovers of porriage. Yes I take credit for that :)
Some ways to vary your porriage:

Water base, add sunflowers, coconut, mixed spice, chopped apple on top.
Whole milk based- straight up thats it- slather in brown sugar.
milk, water 50/50
add ground millet, amaranth, left over rice (brown is good too)- super nutty.
Add big chunks of Chocolate- great when tramping or heading up the mountain.

I can't believe I just wrote about porridge

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