Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cameras of Interest......

Ever heard of Holga, or Lomo cameras??? They are FUN! Im not sure if they still are, but used to be sold with a roll of insulation tape as they are made of cheapy plastic and prone to light leak.
They are a 'style' of photo. Check out the website.... here are some examples of Holga, and here for Lomo
Actually this is a really cool global photo log.... Just click where you live and the photos people have uploaded in that area show up! pretty funky. WorldBrowser

So here are some pics of my film cameras (from linked sources)
Olympus OM40, apparently called an Olympus OMPC in some markets (I suspect USA, they have strange names for cameras.... why? The Canon Rebel, or 'Kiss' as it was called over there.... either name is bizaar whichever way you look at it.
ANYWAY- I love this camera, I have had it since I was 15. LOVE IT.

Another camera I 'aquired' through pure luck (thanks to an old ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends fathers friend- who had no interest in photography)... a Canon AE-1

Again- I LOVE this camera. I take it places I wouldnt dare take other cameras as it breaks you before it'll think of breaking itself.... and we as humans- heal well.... old metal cameras that arent made anymore- don't. It's also a lot of fun in the studio.... quite a bizaar feeling being plugged in to heaps of studio lights, with such a small camera! But this takes such crispy shots with its 50mm..... I have had a LOT of fun with this puppy. OOh and both of the above cameras are nice and small. Amazing to see them next to my nice but big clunky DSLR.... (comparitively)

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