Monday, February 15, 2010

Pick of the week- Room Shoes and Reversible Dresses!!!

Room Shoes by Machiko Niimi

The story behind this find is a bit elongated..... but here goes- I was at the Thieves Alley Market in Dunedin this weekend.... and came accross the most gorgeous dresses, pants and bibs handmade by Fun Fair A talented dunedin based crafty entrepreneur:

The dresses are reversible too... I want to get one for my new niece who is due in April (YAY!!).... Sorry Lachlan they just arent your style.
I took her business card and have just looked at her website.... Somehow I came accross these Room Shoes, and whatdyaknow- also Dunedin based... so I am that much closer to finally aquiring some for myself.... assuming of course she still makes them, that I can track her down at the Seacliff market, and I have some pennies to part with.

You guys are awesome.... I love discovering local crafters.... I find it inspiring.

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