Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jaimie...... From New Hampshire

I came across this wonderful work the other day.... I cant seem to find Jaimie's full name? (If you're reading this...?) I wanted to post some of my favs, and to show everyone how awesome your work is Jaimie.
I chose these veg ones as they were the first I came across, and they caught my eye....I am a bit obsessed with my garden at the mo. Growing, hunting, fishing for your own food is one of the most satiosfying things in the world I believe. On so many levels (literally and figurativly).
The intensity of the colours, the geometric/organic shapes, and overlapping textures... yum.
Jaime appears to come from a scientific background. Its actually quite amazing how many artists are.... Science is an incredibly creative area afterall.
I love the one at the bottom- 'Sea'... its so left field.... narrative.

4 carrots + 2 apples - 2 apples = 4 carrots.
Acrylic paint on a 12 x 16 board.

Acrylic on a 9x12 inch board

"Okay, they're back again. The blue woman and her odd pet.
The airplane fell into the sea. Since the oxygen bags didn't fall down and the air pressure was lethal, the other passengers and crew perished. Though saddened by this tragic fact, blue woman (who obviously doesn't rely upon oxygen to survive) took the opportunity enjoy a much needed smoke."

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Jaimie said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my work! I just came across this today after finding your comment buried in my IF box, where I had somehow missed it. You are very kind to say such lovely things.