Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Discovering New Realms in Cyberspace...

Last night I was surfing…. the web. I love to ‘Blog Hop’ in my spare time…. Some might say- Wow Kat, do something better with your time- I say…. No Way! Its so inspiring! “Do try it…. ” (as Mr Dilmah would say) It goes like this: Search google for something you find interesting.. eg mixed media art blog, or Art blogs… whatever, google does a good job of finding something on everything…. The goal is to find a website thats interesting and has some links down the side… thats when the journey begins. click away, and go places.Last night- I somehow (I honestly cant remember how) stumbled upon Zso: http://www.hellozso.com/

She is the most inspiring illustrator I have ever come accross. I followed some of her links, and found more and more amazing illustrators and designers…. and their links took me to even farther reaches of cyber space!

I feel so energised and inspired when I discover this kind of thing…

I am usually drawn toward photography, and mixed media as this is the area in which I work myself, I also love texture… LOTS of texture….. I guess thats why I like this work- there is a lot of texture within the illustration, markmaking, and different types of line/tone etc Organic lines mixed with geometric.

I could go on, I can tend to start whaffling when I feel a door has been opened… I will spare you all :)

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