Monday, July 28, 2008

Inspiring artists....

'Low Key' by Luke Hollis

I was in a cafe the other day and discovered they had a really good selection of magazines... this in my experience, is rare. Most cafes have the dogeared Womens Weekly's, or high fashion mags like Vogue. I'm only talking for myself here but these don't really inspire me. I don't know if anyone else has noticed- but the add content is so large, that the 'articles' (if you can call them that) don't even start until page 10!!!
ANYWAY- This place had a range of art mags!!! And wierd quirky subculture mags. And the coffee was great too.

What better way to spend a crap wet winter's day than emersing myself in beautiful inspiring imagery, whilst enjoying the tingly feeling of caffiene slowly working it's magic.

Thought there were many I'd like to share..... The most amazing discovery for me was Luke Hollis. As a photographer, I find his paintings intriguing. They scream beauty. There is a great interview in the ODT I can't wait to check out his latest exhibition 'First Impressions' on at The Artists Room' in Dunedin. He is self taught, and lives in Auckland NZ. I will add more once I have been to see these in person.

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