Monday, July 7, 2008

Resene Paints Website- Great Resourse...

This is not an intentional advertorial for Resene- I was on the search for environmental paint choices, and also looking at testpots as an economical option for artists. Happily stumbled accross a great resource in the process.

I think the days of limited colours of testpots are gone. I have memories of pastels, and varying shades of beige being the only options left over... or was that just me? Not an overly inspiring palette.

Resene have incorporated an 'Artists' section in their website. They have a cool 'Is this the same colour Game', an interesting and interactive way to demonstrate the values of colour and the effect of their interaction. There is a whole section on 'Understanding Colour'

Also available are colour charts, and pickers... good tools for colour theory, and also some good techniques to try out.

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