Monday, May 26, 2008

Book Art......

'Abyssal Plane'- Kat Greager

Books- Art or Craft, both?? A big question. Above is one in a series of pieces in which I explored the concepts of the book as symbol and culture.

The book is a fantastic format to play with. Symbolically, and physically. The possibilities are endless. Check out this website for a glimpse at some artists who have pushed some boundaries. Anselm Kiefer (see some previous posts), did a series of lead books- push those materials beyond the obvious, and conventional. Mix them up, get stuck in!! This is just a taster.

'This Alters Things...' Darrel Ross

These books that are part of a installation of an altar, illuminaria and three cast paper, handmade paper wall icons. The books represent the codex of the diety that is shown. They are all handmade pulled sheets made of grasses, leaves, recycled paper, other natural fibers, with writing and small hand casted medalions. They each rest in a found branch that holds them in a natural cradle.

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