Monday, May 5, 2008

HDR Photos- aka High Dynamic Range

This photo is from Ryan McGinnis' blog- worth a look.

HDR- By exposing for the highlights, the lowlights and the shadows, you can then merge the 3 or more photos to create 1 photo. The idea is to allow as much information as possible to be seen in the shadows and the highlights. The effect is visually quite stunning.
You'll need a tripod (the more solid the better, nothing worse than camera shake WITH a tripod), a digital camera with manual exposure function, and some software to assist in the merging process. I recommend Adobe Photoshop CS3. It has built in HDR elements, and you can control just about every aspect of your image throughout the process. Lets face it, its what Adobe does best right, and anyone interested in digital photography should own it. For you kiwi students check out a really cheap deal at ''.

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