Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Todays favourite thing.....

I love surfing the web, I am a self confessed nerd, whatever that means nowadays. For me- a really satisfying 'surf' is when you go on a mystery journey and end up discovering something really inspiring, or visually enticing, or ultra unique.... I especially like it when its kiwi!! (I am such a patriot haha!)
In my webby travels a wee while back I discovered this site and this site, where people sell their crafty creations, and artistic endeavours. They post internationally too! What I really like about these sites is seeing all the bizaar, kwirky and artistic things people are making.

However- Todays FAVOURITE website is: Cleverbastards.co.nz
Check it out!!!!

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paul said...

Hey Little Green Fruit. Thanks for the ups on our site. We've just been live about a month and can do with all that cool support!! Paul