Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Equine Photography.....

Photo by Casi Lark

This is inspired by one of my students. These beautiful animals are so stunning. Above and below are 2 examples of many, that capture their mystique, form and real beauty. All the elements fit together to create a well balanced composition.

It's important to think about how natural light is going to affect your photo. Where the light is coming from, how it will fall accross the form. Also whether you are after a soft look, or a high contrast vivid look. Obviously the type of lighting is vital to achieve the look you are after. Early morning sunrise light has some nice natural tones, and is generally soft. Some of the most amazing light effects occur first thing. Mid day sun is a lot stronger, and the sky is extremely bright, this will have a very different effect. Check out Pixalot aswell. She has some alternative angles and fantastic vivid colours going on.

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