Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Transferrable Creativity- NZ Music- A Thriving Creative Community...

You may have heard the term 'Transferable Creativity' being thrown around lately? Its an odd concept in a way as some assume creativity is only associated with 'art', and perhaps 'craft'. Creativity is the base ingredient for nearly everything... In this case, I guess some would put 'music' into the 'arts' genre, however, why do we need to box things? Lets take a moment to look at those musicians who arent in the commercial mainstream, quietly (actually probably quite loudly) working away in their home studios, connecting with like minded people, with similar passions, keeping it all alive. There is an amazing online community out there where these guys share music, and collborate on mixes, give each other feedback etc. This is just one aspect of 'creativity' being explored and shared in different ways.

Artists sometimes have a tendancy to be secretive and overprotective of their work, ironically, musicians share it, and allow it to grow, evolve and change. The results are an ever evolving fast growing 'scene'. dunedin drum n bass , Bassinvader , double_negative , Bassdrop , Niceup Wellington (Reggae, Roots, Dub, Dancehall) ,and many many more. There are heaps of small record companies starting up, and some that have been running for years.... This is creativity on many many levels, not just the production process of the music, but the visual extravaganza that goes with it, the image, the website, the graphics, presenting it to an audience etc etc etc.

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